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[Zeta] v2(.0.60) Now Available!   [Zeta]

By: Kim Henkel     Ft. Lauderdale, FL  
Date: Jul 15,2008 at 14:22

Sure has been quiet around here - this might liven things up somewhat ;-)

Version 2.0.60 (15 July 2008)

This is the first public alpha release of ZTreeWin v2.

The most significant architectural change is the implementation of unicode support.
This means no more 'Path not found' errors when logging a branch containing a
'funny symbol' in a directory name!
It also has the ability to access directories and filenames with trailing space(s),
and pathnames longer than 'MAX_PATH'.

This version will NOT run on Win9x. Sorry, but it's too hard, and not worth the effort.
Due to the need to save ZTW.HST in unicode format, v2 is not backward-compatible with V1.
As soon as v2 quits, it will rewrite ZTW.HST in unicode, and it will no longer be usable by v1.
All this means is that for testing, you should install v2 in a new directory, that is not shared by v1.
Also note, the file ZNOLOG.INI and any .ZLS files can be in ANSI/UTF-8 or UTF-16 format.

It is suggested you take a copy of your v1.x ZTreeWin directory, and replace existing files with the ones supplied in the .zip below.

Known issues:
There is still some work to be done in the areas of searching for unicode text, now that it is supported natively.
There are also some issues with some of the 'interfaces'.
For example, there will (still) be problems invoking .BAT files from F9 if using a LFN for a unicode name, since the command shell doesn't support unicode in a batch file.

Download from http://www.zedtek.com/download/ztw2060.zip


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