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Fixed next build (more)   [Zeta]

By: Kim Henkel     Ft. Lauderdale, FL  
Date: Jul 15,2008 at 21:01
In Response to: [Bug] F9 menu files (Ben Kent)

> Question.
> rpVT still works, which means the zbar.dat is not unicode yet, are there
> plans for a zbarU.dat file? To allow unicode ZAPP's.

Actually, v2 writes the file/directory name in UTC-8 format, which allows current ZAAPs to work unchanged with 'normal' ANSI names.
The 'Return Flag' (7th byte in the header) is now being set to 0x82 to indicate this new version, and support future changes to the zbar.dat specification.
There will be a few more small changes to the format before v2 is released.


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