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See the Wiki Wishlist #70   [Zeta]

By: Kim Henkel     Ft. Lauderdale, FL  
Date: Jul 16,2008 at 18:24
In Response to: See the Wiki Wishlist #70 (Juergen Hestermann)

> What shall "RELEASE: All except (no ) Drive(s)" do?

Release the Drive(s) specified.

> And what happens when I select "RELEASE: All except (yes ) Drive(s)"?

There is no "RELEASE: All except (yes ) Drive(s)" option.
The option becomes: "RELEASE: All except (yes ) This drive"
which (obviously?) releases all drives except the current drive.

> That's far away from obvious and not intuitive.

Well, it's different admittedly, but I think if you can just get your head around what 'all except' means, the logic is straightforward.
The default (no) simply means you will be releasing what you specify.
The other setting (yes) means you are keeping what you specify, and releasing everything else.

> What do I have to select to achieve the former Alt+Release/All other drives?

"RELEASE: All except (yes ) This drive"


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