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Alternative proposal for Alt+Release menu   [Zeta]

By: Doug Borg     Newton, MA, USA  
Date: Jul 17,2008 at 18:00
In Response to: Alternative proposal for Alt+Release menu (Juergen Hestermann)

> Even better would be to fully omit "[T]his:" in the second line
> but then there is no indication that the [T] would bring up the "All
> except [t]his:". Maybe we can use the [R]ELEASE for that:

> [R]ELEASE: All except

> and these second lines:

> [D]rive(s) [T]his drive [B]ranch [F]iles in branch [C]urrent directory
> [T]his drive [B]ranch [C]urrent directory

> which would lead to

> RELEASE: Drive(s)
> RELEASE: Current drive
> RELEASE: Branch
> RELEASE: Files in branch
> RELEASE: Current directory
> RELEASE: All except This drive
> RELEASE: All except Branch
> RELEASE: All except Current directory

> Jürgen.

If there is space to do these lines, I like this proposed text a lot.

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