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Alternate Alternative Alt+Release Menu   [Zeta]

By: Bernhard Steffen       
Date: Jul 18,2008 at 16:33
In Response to: Alternate Alternative Alt+Release Menu (Juergen Hestermann)

> I must admit that I don't understand this scheme. What happens when typing
> [O] or [N]? Does this select the corresponding option? How is it shown to
> the user? Brackets?

As I understand John's proposal, these keys directly start the action. Thus when you press Alt-R (Release) you get the submenu shown in John's post. Then you press on of the keys to start the action, eg "T" to release "this drive". The options are non-combinable.

I like the idea. It makes usage as well as writing macros easier, since you don't rely on the current setting of a toggle.


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