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Alternate Alternative Alt+Release Menu   [Zeta]

By: Juergen Hestermann       
Date: Jul 18,2008 at 21:50
In Response to: Alternate Alternative Alt+Release Menu (Bernhard Steffen)

> As I understand John's proposal, these keys directly start the action.

Ah, I see. But I thought that the reason for the change was to allow a kind of "negator" for all the functions in the second line, so that the user has a list of function plus their negation with an "everything else except" prefix. Well, if I think it over this strict logic cannot be achieved anyway. The "Release drive(s)" is already an exception from the rule.

> I like the idea. It makes usage as well as writing macros easier, since
> you don't rely on the current setting of a toggle.

That's true. If we drop the "negator" logic then of course this is a much better solution. Athough, I am no sure whether there is enough room for all the function names. As already mentioned, I would prefer that we go away from the strict command line centric menu anyway, and allow, at least for second step selections like here, a pop-up window for the list of functions. It would be easier to read and can also be easily extended while the command menu always lacks the space for new functions.


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