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Pop-up windows   [Zeta]

By: Juergen Hestermann       
Date: Jul 19,2008 at 00:43
In Response to: Alternate Alternative Alt+Release Menu (Michael Kahn)

> You are suggesting the change of the menu paradigm - not a small matter.
> This also involves an impact on consistency if you do it in only 1 place.

This was just some thinking about how to get rid of the recurring problem with the limited command menu real estate and its list-unfriendly shape. In general I would see only advantages when using pop-up windows. The first level functions could stay in the command menu but when invoking one of them a pop-up window would provide much more space to arrange lists or other things. The history window, error messages and Alt+Info are doing this already. So why not adding others? Whenever the current command menu has a problem or is hard to read because of limited space we should think about adding a pop-up menu IMO. Keys can still be mnemonic but additinally one could also select by simply moving the cursor and select. And regarding consistency: Currently we have error messages appearing in pop-up windows and others appearing in the command menu. That's inconsistent too.


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