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Help: XTG_GDRV.XTP   [Help!]

By: Charles Schubach       
Date: Jun 04,2000 at 03:16
In Response to: Help: XTG_GDRV.XTP (Steve Rawling)

> I'm trying to get the dwg.bat to work a la the tip on the FAQ page.
> I need the file XTG_GDRV.XTP that goes in the one liner
>Its a shame its illegal to send that file to someone(or is it) because if
>it wasnt I'd ask someone who has it to email it to me
> Steve

If it wouldn't be illegal to send you that file I would ask you whether you have all the other required files and of which version they are.
If they would be from vers. 3.01 and consequently fit to mine .....
But, if it's illegal .... bad luck.

\ Charles

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