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help: quick view dwg files   [Help!]

By: Pat Gilbert     Brisbane, Australia  
Date: Jun 04,2000 at 16:22
In Response to: help: quick view dwg files (Steve Rawling)

> Does anyone have a quick viewer for acad dwg files
> that works with ztw?

> Steve

Don't bother with the XTG viewer as it only supports AutoCAD r12 formats anyway. I did get this to work some time ago but since nearly all my drawings are r14 or later it became pointless.

I have been looking for a good AutoCAD and MicroStation viewer for some time but they are few and far between and generally not very good. In most cases They take just about as long to load and view as does the original software which in my mind defeats the point.

One that does both formats reasonably well is Bluemarble's "Geographic Explorer" but they have crippled it by making it work *only* from a right click in windows exploder. This is the one and only way it can be launched. (They whimpered about being a M$ shop when I complained).

AutoDesk also puts out a multiple format viewer called "AutoView" which is probably the best of a bad lot.

Both of these cost US$400 to US$500+ so they are not cheap by any means.

AutoDesk does also put out a free viewer called "Voloview" which will view DWG formats but not much else.

Sorry I dont have any URL's handy.

Time to get off my hobby horse and stop cracking my knuckles and breaking pencils....

Pat Gilbert :-)

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