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help: quick view dwg files   [Help!]

By: Stuart Jolliffe       
Date: Jun 04,2000 at 22:32
In Response to: help: quick view dwg files (Steve Rawling)

> I use the O key to open a dwg in autocad r14. OK.
> I do not have a dwg.bat in my path. The file is
> opened by way of WIN9x file associations settings

> After finally finding all the ztree files in my
> garage :-), I tried to create a file
> "dwg.bat" containing the following line

> d:
> cd\
> cd d:\ztree

> However, I got the message "bad file or
> command"

> Does anybody successfully use this modification of
> the xtg viewer in ztree?

> If so what am I doing wrong?

> You may ask why bother if you already can open it
> with the real application.

> Well, I was wanting to be able to quick view and
> quit with esc the way you view any other file.

> Does anyone have a quick viewer for acad dwg files
> that works with ztw?

> Steve

Hello steve
Fastcad have a a viewer "View32" from www.fastcad.com
I also use Autodesk voloview which is slower to load
If you want to view R12 dxf files Insos' QuickViewPlus works a treat.

I quote now from help fastcad view32 file
"View32 is a high performance 2D CAD drawing file viewer. View32 allow you to view, print, and convert CAD (Computer Aided Design) files created by FastCAD 32, EasyCAD 32, FastCAD/EasyCAD DOS, and AutoCAD (DWG format). View32 can also open and save files in DXF format, providing compatibility with most other vector based graphics programs.
View32 is based upon Evolution Computing’s optimized FastCAD 32 engine."

Hope this helps

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