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help: quick view dwg files   [Help!]

By: Stuart Jolliffe       
Date: Jun 04,2000 at 22:41
In Response to: help: quick view dwg files (Steve Rawling)

> I use the O key to open a dwg in autocad r14. OK.
> I do not have a dwg.bat in my path. The file is
> opened by way of WIN9x file associations settings

> After finally finding all the ztree files in my
> garage :-), I tried to create a file
> "dwg.bat" containing the following line

> d:
> cd\
> cd d:\ztree

> However, I got the message "bad file or
> command"

> Does anybody successfully use this modification of
> the xtg viewer in ztree?

> If so what am I doing wrong?

> You may ask why bother if you already can open it
> with the real application.

> Well, I was wanting to be able to quick view and
> quit with esc the way you view any other file.

> Does anyone have a quick viewer for acad dwg files
> that works with ztw?

> Steve
Sorry steve you only got part of the story
If you want to view the bitmap image try

README.TXT for Album Version 1.2
Author: Horst G. Brueckner, netnice, 91323-Adelsdorf,

PO Box 6, Germany

Compuserve: 100015,1534

Phone: 0049 9195 94660

Album displays the DWG files of a selected directory as
a standalone app. Only the bitmap-thumbnail of the file
is isplayed. You can drag and drop files with the mouse
onto AutoCAD or open a file with a double click. Alb is
written to the Window NT operating system and has been
tested with Windows NT workstation 4.0 german.
If you are interested - source (VC++) is available.

alb.exe the executable
alb.hlp small helpfile
readme.txt this file

New in Version 1.2:
- R13 and R14 previews are displayed
- if you configured R13 to store an additional WMF preview the
WMF preview is used with the right mouse button
- you can configure your own doubleclick command to use
a different configuration file (e.g. Mechanical desktop)
- the position of the main window is restored at startup
- if you have installed R14 and R13 all doubleclicks start R14

I Hope this helps


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