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[Notice] ZBar Script Host ZAAP   [Notice]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Apr 01,2009 at 14:07

Hi all,

I've been playing a bit with a way to tag/untag files matching a regular expression using Ctrl-Y last weekend.

As usual, I got a bit carried away in my tendency to make everything all-purpose, and it turned into a generic script host. So now this new ZAAP makes it possible to evaluate script expressions from the Ctrl-Y Assist command line, as well as run one or more scripts whenever zbar.dat changes.

Anyway, here's the first version:

I've included a s(i|a)mple RegExp script, which allows for a new (Ctrl-)Y assist command 'match()', which will tag any file whose name matches the , and untag any non-matching file.

The thing does require Ian's ZBarCOM dll to be registered, and it also requires Microsoft's Windows Script Control. The latter has been present on most PC's I've worked on since Windows XP, though, so you might not need to download and install it to use this ZAAP.

(I could remove both those dependencies, and probably will, but that'll take time, so I thought I'd post this version already, to see if other people are interested).

It's still a bit rough round the edges, but if you have ideas or comments, I'll gladly hear them. Heck, I might even do something about them! ;-)


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