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Future is uncertain :-)   [Wiki]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Jul 17,2010 at 14:06
In Response to: [Wiki] ZTWiki's future (Laurent Duchastel)

I've never really contributed to ZTWiki because of my investment in ZEN, but others
don't have that excuse :-). Still, over time, it has grown a lot of useful content, but I'm sure the number of visits is not impressive (this forum is also slowing down...)

So, I really have no strong opinions as to what you can do about ZTWiki, other than
just let it be...

To keep up with the times, I think ZTree needs a more detailed Wikipedia entry (move
some of the stuff from ZTWiki and ZTW.HLP over there?) and plenty of YouTube
tutorials -- this is as close as one can get to showing the product in person. I
don't see how else it could reach today's new users if they don't see it in action.

Time permitting, I will keep updating my ZEN site with an occasional macro or ZEP.
The site is very easy to copy, so its contents should be available when I disappear
from the web.

I suspect that ZEST, ZEN, ZTWiki, maybe even this forum, won't last as long as
Wikipedia/YouTube, so this is where the efforts of ZTree technical writing talent
should go, IMO.

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