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Partly solved   [Q]

By: Leonard R. Miller     Locust Bayou, Arkansas  
Date: Dec 21,2010 at 02:26
In Response to: [Q] Sort files into random sequence? (Leonard R. Miller)

I found a Freeware, The Hat, which is capable of randomizing a list. Intended for placing names into a hat, then shuffling up the names, I created a list (text file) of integers numbered 1 thru 1300, named that file, then input that file into The Hat and clicked Shuffle. It created a beautifully randomized list of those 1300 integers.

To double check, I recopied those randomized integers back into my spreadsheet, sorted them numerically and they checked -- total of 1300 with no dupes. Did that several times.

For my final solution I can paste that integer list into an inserted spreadsheet column adjacent to my list of filenames, sort by that column of integers and -- voila, my radomized list of filenames. Delete that column, export to a textfile basis for a Ztree batch file and I may be on my way.

Now -- to cram on how to use Alt-Batch or Ctrl-Batch within Ztree.

Tips will be appreciated.


> I have a list of files which I want to copy to another drive. But I
> want them to have a random sequence and I see that Ztree doesn't offer
> that.
> I've thought of tagging and copying my list into Excel (well --
> OpenOffice Calc), add a column of integers created by a random function,
> then sort by that column. From there, copy the list (less the integers)
> to a text file and use Ztree's batch creation ability (I'd have to ask
> how to do that) to do the end result.
> However, I've tried OpenOffice Calc formula as follows
> =RANDBETWEEN(1;10), placing into each cell of the column and get a random
> number in each of the 10 cells but, more often than not, there are
> duplicates.
> Any way I can generate a list of unique integers?
> Len

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