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By: Andrew Watson     Perth, Western Australia  
Date: Jul 24,2011 at 02:44
In Response to: [Tip] Multi Commander (Andrew Watson)

> As far as I know, it doesn't have tagging, ZTree's most important
> feature.

Selections of files and folders can be made by right clicking.

Files and folders are selected by pressing SPACEBAR.

Selections can be toggled.

Selections are persistent.

The Selections list can be saved, either to memory or file.

It has file filters to help create the Selections list.

Other Features

It can show the date as age which is interesting (though at the moment I can't work out how to turn it off!). I don't think anyone has ever asked for this feature in ZTree.

I'm sure there's a way, but I can't work out how to expand the entire tree. It isn't * as it is in Windows Explorer. I am reluctant to try too many CTRL/ALT combinations in case I find the one that launches all missiles and starts WW III or even worse, formats my hard drive.

Andrew Watson

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