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[Tip] Windows 8 offers a slew of new keyboard shortcuts   [Tip]

By: Andrew Watson     Perth, Western Australia  
Date: Aug 22,2012 at 05:46

Here's some info on Win 8 keyboard shortcuts. Note caution at end of post if you have used any of these. I'm thinking Slobodan here who has every possible combination allocated.


Windows 8 offers a slew of new keyboard shortcuts that give direct access to Windows 8 features and settings, such as charms, search, and app options:

Win-C: Open charms bar
Win-Q: Open Search charm
Win-H: Open Share charm
Win-K: Open Devices charm
Win-I: Open Settings charm
Win-W: Search Windows settings
Win-F: Search files
Win-Z: Open Metro app options
Win-Tab: Cycle to next open app
Win-.: Snap Metro app to left
Win-Shift-.: Snap Metro app to the right
Win-PgUp and Win-PgDn: Move Metro desktop between displays
Alt-F4: Close Metro app (exactly like a real desktop app)
Win-D: Open the Windows Desktop (if you're already at the desktop, this toggles between minimizing and restoring all windows on the desktop)
Win-B: Switch back to to the Windows Desktop
Win-X: Open fast-access menu with links to common system tools, such as the power options, Mobility Center, and Command Prompt (regular and admin-level)

Be warned that utility software with hooks into Win-key combinations will likely override these shortcuts or make them behave strangely.

Andrew Watson

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