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[Discuss] History List of Edit   [Discuss]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Oct 24,2013 at 08:25
In Response to: [Discuss] History List of Edit (Liviu)

> The proposal is for "automatically adding the full path of a file to
> "edit history list" in the directory window after editing it in the file window.

I'd find this useful, too - especially as ZTree would keep far more than 10 recently edited path/files,
and it holds them chronologically, and regardless which editor you had invoked (Edit or Alt-Edit).

> If a file name/path was, instead, explicitly entered in the DW (at the
> "edit file" prompt) then IMO that should be remembered as typed in -
> whether name only (a.txt), full path (X:\etc\a.txt), or relative one

Agreed, this should stay as it is IMHO.


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