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[Discuss] F3 vs F5 for refresh   [Discuss]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Nov 13,2013 at 23:37

I'm sure I've mentioned this several times, but it's not coming up in a search. Is it time to discuss using F5 for refreshing, rather than F3?

I know the history behind this, and that the choice of F3 predates what appears to be a standard now to use F5 for refreshing in all sorts of programs.

And I know that F5 is already allocated to the archive command.

But I'm finding that after a couple of decades of Windows usage, F5 is becoming second nature and I have to think before refreshing. I don't mind so much that I sometimes accidentally hit F5 in Ztree and have to cancel the archive command, but it's annoying to accidentally hit F3 in other apps and have search functions popping up.

Is anyone else finding this? Anyone for swapping F3 and F5? I can imagine this would involve quite a bit of pain, both for people trying to get used to new key assignments, and for those with macros that use them.

I'd suggest a configuration option to swap them, but I think that would just lead to confusion all around.

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