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[Discuss] F3 vs F5 for refresh   [Discuss]

By: Steve Fields   Homepage   ALASKA  
Date: Nov 17,2013 at 01:04
In Response to: [Discuss] F3 vs F5 for refresh (Peter Shute)


Some of us have been using this interface for well over 20 years. I say leave well enough alone. You've seen how Micro$oft totally ruined Office by have the masses relearn the entire HotKey system, and to this day, I still use Office 2003/XP.

Rock On!

> I'm sure I've mentioned this several times, but it's not coming up
> in a search. Is it time to discuss using F5 for refreshing, rather than
> F3?
> I know the history behind this, and that the choice of F3 predates what
> appears to be a standard now to use F5 for refreshing in all sorts of
> programs.
> And I know that F5 is already allocated to the archive command.
> But I'm finding that after a couple of decades of Windows usage, F5 is
> becoming second nature and I have to think before refreshing. I don't
> mind so much that I sometimes accidentally hit F5 in Ztree and have to
> cancel the archive command, but it's annoying to accidentally hit F3 in
> other apps and have search functions popping up.
> Is anyone else finding this? Anyone for swapping F3 and F5? I can
> imagine this would involve quite a bit of pain, both for people trying to
> get used to new key assignments, and for those with macros that use them.
> I'd suggest a configuration option to swap them, but I think that would
> just lead to confusion all around.

Rock On!

~ ~ ~ Steve Fields

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