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[Discuss] F3 vs F5 for refresh   [Discuss]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Nov 17,2013 at 03:43
In Response to: [Discuss] F3 vs F5 for refresh (Steve Fields)

> Some of us have been using this interface for well over 20 years. I

I think I started using Xtree in the late 80s, so about 25 years for me.

> say leave well enough alone. You've seen how Micro$oft totally ruined
> Office by have the masses relearn the entire HotKey system, and to this
> day, I still use Office 2003/XP.

I've only used up to Office 2007. Did they change something after that? But I'm talking about Windows and various web browsers. All have used F5 for refresh for a very long time. Mixing them up occasionally is a minor inconvenience for people like me, but I'm guessing it's a road block for new Ztree users.

Perhaps we require proof of that before deciding something needs changing.

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