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or else:  Shift-F5 for Archive -- F5 for Refresh, too   [Discuss]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Nov 25,2013 at 08:27
In Response to: [Discuss] F3 vs F5 for refresh (Peter Shute)

> Is it time to discuss using F5 for refreshing, rather than
> F3?
> I'd suggest a configuration option to swap them, but I think that would
> just lead to confusion all around.

I'm quite late with this suggestion,  got this idea not before last week:

There's no swap needed:  Shift-F5 is still free.
We could move "Archive single file" to Shift-F5,
and then F5 could become Refresh - parallel to F3.
--> No need to swap!

Only the move of "Archive single file" to Shift-F5 should be discussed -
existing habits and macros would be broken.
But this would not be the first time at all -
e.g. recently Alt-Log [O]ne-Level had to be changed to Alt-Log [1]-level
(in macros that are supposed to reliably log the current dir, wihtout entering them if already logged).


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