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Re: control+F3 , shift+F3, alt+F3   [Discuss]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Nov 26,2013 at 13:01
In Response to: or else:  Shift-F5 for Archive -- F5 for Refresh, too (Peter Shute)

>> We could move "Archive single file" to Shift-F5,
>> and then F5 could become Refresh - parallel to F3.
> Good idea ... But don't we also have control+F3 , shift+F3 and alt+F3 to consider?
> They also do refreshes of various types.

I think not - if F5 is dubbing F3 only.

Shift-F3 is a special refresh function defined in DW only ("...and update the branch structure of the next level only"),
which the user would invoke literally as Shift-F3 IMHO --> not disturbing.

"Ctrl-F3  ~ Refresh the current file list each second ...", so a special refresh, see above --> not disturbing IMHO.

Alt-F3 is XTree legacy, differs from F3 only in "Loses tags in the current directory"
so a special refresh, see above --> not disturbing IMHO.


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