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Sorry, Michael   [Discuss]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Nov 27,2013 at 08:37
In Response to: Calling Michael Kahn, calling Michael Kahn, ... (Doug Borg)

> Every time we think of "burning" a new key combination, I think of Michael ...

Yes, he really watched over unnecessarily "burning" keys.

when I suggested Alt-H for Hide/Unhide File in FW (long ago), I felt a bad conscience, as Alt-H was only XTree legacy in Tree window.
But it had been Kim's decision to promptly implement my suggestion (surprising to me).

This 'key burning' was discussed heavily afterwards. I remember having changed my mind and recognized that Alt-H in FW should really have been reserved for a possible new function. Now I feel sorry and it's perhaps too late to revert and unbind Alt-H in FW.  Anyway.


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