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rework macros? a few only, if any   [Discuss]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Nov 27,2013 at 23:06
In Response to: rework macros? a few only, if any (Hartmut Schneider)

> > I'm willing to rework any macros
> You'd only have to change the macros that use "Archive single file" (F5).
> Any macros that do "Refresh" can keep using F3 for "Refresh".
> That's the charme of 'dubbing' instead of 'swapping' !

I checked my macros in *.ZTM and found no lone F5's.
Also, one can search the ZTW.HST macro entries for F5 using:

C:\Temp>find /i "zf" C:\ZTW\ZTW.HST | find /i "f5"

If the F5 reassignment happens, I'm safe. Still, I don't know what is out there, so
some people may be burned if they are not made aware of this change.
Unfortunately, to be totally safe, this means a CO option, so, more work for
Kim than meets the eye.

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