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[Discuss] Q vs Alt-F4 for exiting ;-)   [Discuss]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Nov 28,2013 at 12:42
In Response to: [Discuss] Q vs Alt-F4 for exiting ;-) (Peter Shute)

> ... and Alt+F4 isn't a widely used combination
> in my opinion. I only learned it because I needed a way to work with
> programs when the mouse dies for some reason, and it's occasionally
> useful for shutting down games my kids refuse to close at bed time and
> they won't let go of the mouse.

I use Alt+F4 almost exclusively to close windows since day one.
To shutdown my PC at night, I just sit on Alt+F4 and eventually
reach the Desktop. There, fortunately, the next Alt+F4 invokes the
Shutdown menu.

I say fortunately, because the good old Ctrl+Alt+Del in Windows 8
is useless for shutting down fast via the keyboard!

Before that, I hit Q on my ZTree sessions, of course.

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