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[Discuss] Display a "separate" tray icon for each instance of ZTree?   [Discuss]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: May 26,2014 at 08:08

I want a persistent, visual reminder of how many instances of ZTree are currently running, with a distinctive tray icon appearing for each instance (to help tell them apart).

I'm using Windows 7, and ZTree's multiple tray icons appear "stacked" or combined, so only the "top" icon (for the initial instance of ZTree) is visible.

(The tray icon "stacking" feature is enabled in Windows; it functions when running multiple instances of a program; and I need to keep this feature enabled for other programs to use.)

An instance of ZTree will display a unique (but stacked) tray icon, when a separate icon has been assigned in its shortcut properties.

The question is ...... in a case where the Windows "tray icon stacking" feature is enabled ......

What's the best way to display a separate (non-stacked) and unique tray icon for each instance of ZTW64.EXE?

Would it work OK to run, or start each instance of ZTW64.EXE from a separate shortcut (each shortcut using a unique icon), with each shortcut calling a differently-named batch file -- eg, ZTree_1_.bat, ZTree_2_.bat, etc.?

Can someone share a command line example that works OK?

Or is there another, preferred method?


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