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[Discuss] Display a "separate" tray icon for each instance of ZTree?   [Discuss]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Jun 04,2014 at 17:56
In Response to: [Discuss] Display a "separate" tray icon for each instance of ZTree? (Bill Kingsbury)

> (The tray icon "stacking" feature is enabled in Windows; it functions
> when running multiple instances of a program; and I need to keep this
> feature enabled for other programs to use.)

I hate that stacking thing. It saves space on the taskbar at the expense of easy access to each task.

I think it's called "Group similar taskbar buttons". I'm on XP here, so I can't check that. I found that when one makes the taskbar vertical instead of the default horizontal, not only is there a lot more room for tasks in it, this option behaves differently. It groups them together, one below the other, instead of stacking them.

My Ztree task icons are all shown individually, but are all together. I found that I still run out of space when there are a lot of things open (mostly emails), in which case it starts a second column of icons. Time to start closing some of them when that happens, as each column can show 26 tasks.

I've configured Word and Excel to not show each document as a separate icon, which helps too.

I've widened it enough to show the full task title of most tasks, which helps enormously when trying to locate the right one. Another advantage is that it also displays the full date and time instead of squishing it into the corner.

Don't know why this isn't the default arrangement now that most people have wide screens.

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