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[ZEP] large text file viewing - line counting rules   [Bug]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Jun 05,2014 at 02:30
In Response to: [Bug] large text file viewing (Jerry Thompson)

>> Starting with ZtreeWin v2.4.139 navigating large text files is very
>> slow. I have stayed at v2.4.138 for this reason.
>> Jerry

> I guess it might be related to the line number tracking, as navigating
> big files is now equally slow with and without using the Line mode
> Antti

Here's a change request how ZTree could avoid this:

a) Outside of Viewer, #ZTLine is Zero anyway (no counting).

Inside of Viewer:
b) when Line mode is Off, Viewer does NOT YET need to know which line it stands on.
Only if you press e[X]ecute or [E]dit or Alt-[E]dit, Viewer has to count lines once,
in order to provide a value for the #ZTLine variable  which may be used there.

c) If Line mode is switched On, Viewer has to keep track of the Line number  (slows it down).

d) If Line mode is switched Off again, return to rule b).


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