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By: Peter Shute       
Date: Jul 22,2014 at 22:00
In Response to: [Tip] 7 Free Tools for IT Professionals (Andrew Watson)

> 7) Netwrix Disk Space Monitor: Be alerted in real-time via email
> when disk space falls below certain thresholds on one or more of your
> servers.

I've never found that kind of alert very useful. What would be more useful is an alert for when disk space falls by more than a certain amount in a day/hour/etc. E.g. if a 100GB disk falls from 90GB free to 10GB free in a day, you really want to know why.

But an alert for diskspace simply falling below 10GB might be ignored as irrelevant because there's still plenty left.

An alert that it's fallen to 50MB might still not be a great concern depending on what the file space is being used for, and it might come so long after the initial huge drop that the trail on the search for culprits will be cold.

I've been using PA Storage Monitor for nearly a year now. Every morning I look at free space graphs showing the last couple of weeks for 15 disks. If I see any interesting rises or falls, I can run a "directory growth" report for that disk to see which directory or directories was responsible for the change. Then I can, for example, email the culprit to ask why they duplicated all their folders at 2.30pm yesterday. Oh, I didn't mean to do that, I'll delete them. Try finding that accidental disk space usage in 6 months when disk space is getting low.

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