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I use Cathy   [Tip]

By: Oliver Pretzel       
Date: Jul 27,2014 at 05:45
In Response to: [Tip] How to log and display up to 25 external HDs simultaneously (Andrew Watson)

> I have 18 powered external HDs ranging in size from 20GB to 2TB. My
> system cannot load more than 4 or 5 of them simultaneously even though I
> have a powered 10 port USB hub.
> I want to be able to find which drive required data is stored on.
I use a tiny (about 65 kb) free utility cathy.exe for this purpose

Cathy will make and store a catalogue of any attached drive, and will search all its catalogues simultaneously. Generating one catalogue takes about the same time as a full log by ZTree. The search is very fast and encompasses file and directory names. I do not have quite such large disks as you, and it is possible that Cathy may hit some limit with very large drives. So far I have not encountered one.

A disadvantage is that to access a found file you have to transfer the path to ZTree . On the other hand Cathy is extremely simple to use, so you don't have to remember the command sequence for alt ZLogging and merging. Also Cathy assumes that the drives are offline so you never get warnings about drives not being present and you need not worry about drive letters as Cathy names each catalogue with the volume name of the drive (or the root directory name if you use it to log a branch of a drive).


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