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[Tip] How to control drive letters to 25 external HDs simultaneously   [Tip]

By: Ron Metzger       
Date: Jul 28,2014 at 18:18
In Response to: [Tip] How to log and display up to 25 external HDs simultaneously (Peter Shute)

> > I connected the drives progressively to my PC. They each mounted
> as E:
> > drive. I used SUBST to map the drives to different drive letters
> > including non-existent floppy drives A: and B: and the DVD drive D:.
> Is there any way to get a USB drive to mount as a chosen drive letter
> automatically?

Yes, but rather manual setup.

After inserting the USB drive, right-click on (My-)Computer and select 'Manage'
Under 'Computer Management' -> 'Storage' select 'Disk Management'

Locate the currently installed USB drive and in the lower panel, right-click this drive (partition) and select 'Change Drive Letters and Paths...'

The current Drive Letter should be shown. Select 'Change' and in the drop-down select the drive letter you want to assign.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

If Windows is behaving normally, the next time that USB drive is inserted, the last drive letter definition should return. Windows is a bit schizophrenic at times, so you will need to keep an eye on the drive letters and adjust them if they change.

Ron Metzger

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