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Changing USB drive letters   [Tip]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Jul 28,2014 at 18:24
In Response to: [Tip] How to log and display up to 25 external HDs simultaneously (David Bullock)

> I have good results in WinXP by taking these steps...:
> 1) On your desktop, right-click on the "My Computer" icon
> 2) Left-click on "Manage"
> 3) Left-click on "Disk Management"
> 4) In the top right-hand window, right-click on the USB drive as it
> is currently assigned and select "Change Drive Letter and Paths..."
> 5) Click on the "Change..." button
> 6) Click on the drop-down menu and select your drive letter

I've only ever done that for internal drives. I tried it just now on a flash drive, and it worked, thanks.

How does it remember what the drive letter is? Does it save its id in the registry or something, or does it change something on the drive? What happens if I put another drive of the same type in? Will it use the new letter, or use the old default?

One type of device that annoys me is flash card readers that take many kinds of cards, and which assign a different letter to each slot, even though all but one has no card in it. Takes me forever to work out which slot is which letter. I haven't got one here to test - what would happen if I tried to change the letter of an empty slot.

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