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[Bug] CO1R=Always: Treats collapsed directories as un-logged and re-logs them   [Bug]

By: Andrew Penfold     Hampshire, UK  
Date: Aug 18,2014 at 09:30


This is only a small irritation and can be worked around by setting CO1R to "After a write". However, I think the behaviour when set to "Always" could be improved.

Here's a simple and quite extreme example:
1. Log a drive using Full or Tree Only, so that you have a whole directory tree to play with.
2. Select the root and press F6 to fully collapse the tree while keeping it logged.
3. Press "\" to enter TreeSpec - the root directory of the drive is re-logged immediately on-the-fly, meaning the rest of the directories and files are un-logged.
THIS IS THE PROBLEM - ideally, the root dir should just be "refreshed", as it is if NOT in a collapsed state, and the tree should expand to show the already logged directories, plus any new ones detected by the refresh.

What I do is log network drives using "Tree Only" and then use a ZLOG file to recall them. If I use TreeSpec to cross into a branch I've collapsed using F5/F6, I lose the logged sub-directories.

The same thing can happen with History/Bookmark navigation - if the directory you're jumping to is collapsed, Ztree acts as though it is not logged and re-logs it.


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