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[Tip] Path Copy in Windows / File Explorer   [Tip]

By: Andrew Watson     Perth, Western Australia  
Date: Sep 02,2014 at 22:34
In Response to: [Tip] Path Copy in Windows / File Explorer (Andrew Watson)

> Question to Microsoft - Why is this option hidden and where else in
> Windows are there hidden gems?


I should have read tips 5 and 6 as they list other SHIFT before right clicking options for Send To.

Also, tip 3 Quickly launch a new instance of a program [from the Taskbar or Desktop by holding down SHIFT] is something I have wanted to be able to do "forever", or at least since the option to pin programs to the Taskbar was introduced.

I have been using Tip 8 Add mouse-friendly checkboxes to icons for quite a while now. I highly recommend enabling it.

The other technique I recommend is:

View, Options, General, Single click to open an item (point to select), Underline icon tiles only when I point to them.

This gives Windows a completely consistent interface where you never have to think "Do I single or double click?" It is always single click.

Of course, until you get used to it, you may double click when you shouldn't and you end up with two copies of a file or program opened.

I think that both of these options are essential when using Windows 8 with a touch screen but they are also useful on a standard PC.

You may also wish to have a look at this:


Andrew Watson

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