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Windows 10 Command Prompt - How do CTRL+Insert and SHIFT-Insert fare?   [Tip]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Oct 03,2014 at 03:25
In Response to: Windows 10 Command Prompt - CTRL+C and CTRL+V work. CTRL+X does a CTRL+C (Liviu)

> > Click in Command Prompt window. Scrolling stops. Click and drag to
> > highlight required text. CTRL+C copies.
> Sigh of relief ;-) So they made Ctrl-C an alias for ENTER while in
> "select" mode. Not bad, maybe not earth-shattering either, but at least
> it doesn't break/redefine the old ^C. Thanks.

Of old, Ctrl+Insert could also (and often still can) be used for copying, and Shift+Insert for pasting. Do those work?
I'm thinking you wouldn't even need to click the window to use those, since those keystrokes normally have no function in the command prompt.


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