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[Tip] Display the files in System Volume Information   [Tip]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Dec 05,2014 at 13:33


After logging in as an Administrator, access the Windows Properties of the "C:\System Volume Information\" directory ( in ZTree, Shift-F10, R ).

An Administrator account can assign any user account full access privileges... roughly, like this:

Open the Security tab of "System Volume Information Properties" -

Click Edit -> Add -> Object types - select 'Users' and uncheck the other two - (exit)

Then click "Advanced" -> click "Find now" - select an account from the list - OK -> OK

Next do one of these:

A) under Allow, check (at the top) : Full control -> click Apply - OK (exit).

B) under Allow, uncheck (at the bottom) both : Read and Write - to leave this checked : "List folder contents" -> click Apply - OK (exit).

Note: - When you click Apply, there are warning messages for each protected file, so just click "Continue" for each.

The following sub-directory will then give the "Access Denied!" error when logging drive C:, so add it to ZNOLOG.INI - (then restart ZTree).

... C:\System Volume Information\WindowsImageBackup\

Subsequently you'll be able to see how much disk space is being occupied by the Restore Points.

And the archive of all Chkdsk logs (in plain-text) will be found in this directory:

... C:\System Volume Information\Chkdsk\

By repeating the same process, the files in the following directories can also be logged by ZTree:

C:\System Volume Information\WindowsImageBackup\
C:\System Volume Information\WindowsImageBackup\Catalog\
C:\System Volume Information\WindowsImageBackup\SPPMetadataCache\

If you do allow access to these directories, then there's no need to modify ZNOLOG.INI.


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