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By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Dec 15,2014 at 16:02
In Response to: [Discuss] Lite version (Kim Henkel)

> Unlicensed users actually get a fully-functioning 60 day trial.
> I seriously doubt a crippled free version would promote any more sales.

There's another way to look at the situation.

A free, Lite version would result in the "publicity" of media reviews, and blogger articles.. And that would attract "interest", although much of it among people who rarely spend money on software.. However, even those people influence those around them.. Growing levels of publicity is important to those people, and perhaps to *most* people(!), who never do anything unless it's currently "happening".. The "hot and happening" factor is the "magic" factor that would help to increase sales of ZTreeWin.

The idea is to "graduate" interested users from a free, Lite and "easy" version, to the 60-day trial of the full version, and subsequently the sales should increase.

The lure of a "free" version is not an insignificant factor.. And considering ZTree's "learning curve" -- in a world addicted to mice and GUIs -- I'd bet there are many potential users of ZTree who've been procrastinating, because ZTree "appears" unusual compared to the programs they are already comfortable with.. The free and "easy" version would get some of these people "started", the ones who are intimidated by the full version, at least at first.. Let some of them become addicted to ZTree Lite's advantages, and upgrading will be inevitable, the natural choice.

Of course, this raises the question of which ZTreeWin features to "include" and which to leave out, in order to make the 60-day trial, full version the comfortable and inevitable choice.

Here's one:... The Alt-Graft branch command could be turned off (but include a self-explanatory dialog) because the same "graft branch" task can be accomplished using a more time consuming, multi-step process... (Like I used to use in XTreePro, and XTreeGold.)

The feature sets of XTreePro and XTreeGold would be good models for ZTree Lite.


And I agree, the following is a necessary factor:

"...a new website that might actually promote new sales..."


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