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By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Dec 17,2014 at 14:01
In Response to: [Discuss] Lite version (Geoff Cutter)

Although well intended, I'm not sure a lite version would generate more sales nor increase user base.

A Lite version would mean for Kim to manage two versions simultaneously, an increase in task. And many features that make ZTree wonderful would not be displayed.

On the other hand, a single version being both crippled/trial when unlicensed and full featured when licensed is not usually very attractive, as it creates frustration when a-would-be licensed user find a payment is required to use a feature displayed.

ZTree market niche is very peculiar. Someone can only be a licensed passionate user or not a user at all.

I find the 60 days more than sufficient to test ZTree, no taking into account that the license system is more honor-based than technology-challenge based. :-)

The REAL question is not IF a Lite version would generate more publicity or not, but HOW can more publicity be generated ?
(and IF it is what is intended in the first place!)

- Social media offensive ?
- A fancy web site with tutorials ?
- Deep registration discount for a limited time ?
- A free version of older version ?
- A free key issued for a single-day (that was the strategy used by WinRar, a free key for versions 4.x having been released a single day, and used widely after that - many of these users decided to purchase 5.x versions after that).

or ... just do nothing and let real power users emerge by themselves ?

Laurent Duchastel

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