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By: Frances Wohlfelder       
Date: Dec 18,2014 at 09:42
In Response to: [Discuss] Lite version (Laurent Duchastel)

> - A fancy web site with tutorials ?

This is the only thing that makes sense to me. We all love ZTW but in our heart of hearts know that its biggest weakness is its incredibly steep learning curve which only the brave and determined are prepared to stick with. I think what is really needed to achieve a broader and growing user base is a set of very clear tutorials with pictures/videos designed to get short attention span folk up and running with common tasks quickly and communicate how it do things that Explorer et al simply can't. Otherwise I believe ZTW is inevitably destined to be a niche, power-user product for a declining set of users - sad but true.

[ZEP] The other major weakness (IMHO) is that ZTW can't handle archives like, say, Total Commander, i.e. treat archives like folders from which you can tab back and forth to the opposite pane.

-- Frances

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