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[Discuss] Lite version   [Discuss]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Dec 18,2014 at 10:19
In Response to: [Discuss] Lite version (Laurent Duchastel)

> A Lite version would mean for Kim to manage two versions
> simultaneously, an increase in task. And many features that
> make ZTree wonderful would not be displayed.
> On the other hand, a single version being both crippled/trial when
> unlicensed and full featured when licensed is not usually very
> attractive, as it creates frustration when a-would-be licensed user
> find a payment is required to use a feature displayed.

The 60-day trial version could be crippled *after* the 60 days free trial.

Users could "test drive" the full version for 60 days, and those copies not registered within 61 days would continue to work, but as the crippled version.

Registering online is convenient, so this would result in "last minute" registrations when a warning dialog (with purchase link) appeared after 58 days, to remind the user that 1) the free "full version" trial would end soon -- and 2) the basic "free" version would continue to work.

Then when an unregistered user attempted to use a feature that was not available in the free version, a dialog should appear to describe the "benefits of registering". (Close the dialog with the Escape key, or wait 10 seconds for it to disappear.)


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