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Restarts rarely happen?   [Discuss]

By: Brian Layman       
Date: Dec 20,2014 at 12:35
In Response to: After the 60 day trial (Peter Shute)

> > Many PCs never get switched off,
> > so ZTree "startups" may not occur frequently enough to be an
> annoyance.
> > This is probably more true for professional environments (where ZTree
> may
> > do some really heavy work) than at home.
> That's true, and I'm sure I've tried that when I couldn't be
> bothered finding my licence file for a while. But restarts do happen,
> e.g. after Windows updates, and it's a pain to find you have to wait a
> few minutes to start it.

Maybe I am alone in this but I probably start xtree (Ha! sorry) ZTree 20 times a day and often find that I have three instances running.

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