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Restarts rarely happen?   [Discuss]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Dec 20,2014 at 17:59
In Response to: Restarts rarely happen? (Peter Shute)

> > Maybe I am alone in this but I probably start xtree (Ha! sorry) ZTree
> > 20 times a day and often find that I have three instances running.
> I have a main instance that I rarely close, but often open and close
> others too. But believe me, you'd do it a lot less if each start took a
> few minutes. I think this is a good way to apply subtle pressure to buy a
> licence to someone who's started using it. The problem is to get people
> to use it. Maybe a Linux version would help.

Not having licensed ZTreeWin recently, I have a question:

When the unlicensed ZTree starts "delaying" its startup, is the user reminded *why* the delay is occurring?

Does a "notification" appear during the delay, with a reminder, something like: "It's time to license ZTreeWin. It's been nnn-days since installation. Until your license number is applied, each starting of ZTreeWin will encounter delays for display of this notice, of increasing duration..."?

The delay should initially be about 5 -10 seconds long, so there's time to read the notice.

And the delay could "start counting" from the time of first keyboard input while ZTreeWin is "on top", in case it it's not visible (or the user walked away) when started.

If the user isn't reminded of the reason for the delay, then it could discourage the purchase of the license. Especially if ZTree just starts responding slowly, without a clear explanation.


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