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Restarts rarely happen?   [Discuss]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Dec 21,2014 at 15:48
In Response to: Restarts rarely happen? (Bill Kingsbury)

> Not having licensed ZTreeWin recently, I have a question:

If you want to try it, just rename your ztw.key for a while.

> When the unlicensed ZTree starts "delaying" its startup, is the user
> reminded *why* the delay is occurring?

This is what it looks like for me. It says it's only a 31 day evaluation, not 60, but I don't know if it thinks the evaluation started years ago and was temporarily suspended while I had a valid licence file.

> Does a "notification" appear during the delay, with a reminder,
> something like: "It's time to license ZTreeWin. It's been nnn-days
> since installation. Until your license number is applied, each starting
> of ZTreeWin will encounter delays for display of this notice, of
> increasing duration..."?

My memory of it is that it displays something like the image above, plus a countdown. I don't think it says the countdown will increase each day, but I think it soon becomes obvious even if it doesn't. It might display the number of days for a few seconds before the countdown starts.

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