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Who are the new Ztree users?   [Discuss]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Dec 21,2014 at 19:52
In Response to: Who are the new Ztree users? (Peter Shute)

> We've discussed ways of encouraging unlicenced users to buy by
> licence. But what about new users? Who are they, and what is their
> background?

In any case there's not enough new users.. A Facebook "product page" (or similar) would really help. What will be needed is a series of videos, both introductory summaries, and tutorials, to hold the attention of the visitors, while showing them the many benefits of using ZTree.

With sufficient advertising, the ZTreeWin users of the future will be found world-wide, in Computer Science classes, from kindergarten to college level, where ever Windows is used. Students and their schools should be given academic discounts, to increase ZTree's usage. The ZTreeWin Facebook page could invite students to ask their schools and teachers to requisition the academic purchases.


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