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[Discuss] File size vs size on disk   [Discuss]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Jan 09,2015 at 18:48
In Response to: [Discuss] File size vs size on disk (Laurent Duchastel)

> Onedrive's smartfiles introduce some new challenges for file
> management.
> With this technology, a file can be offline or online. When offline,
> the file is completely downloaded locally. When online-only, only a
> symbolic link and some metafile data are downloaded, usually around 4kb.
> There is also for each file a alternate stream available, which contains,
> I presume, sync info, hash and other metafile data. (Using Nirsoft's
> AlternateStreamView utility is very informative).
> But sometimes file can be "half-downloaded", flagged as being
> online-only, but having a significant part of its content on disk. This
> is the case with some Office file, but especially true for mp3. Since
> OneDrive is now unlimited for Office 365 subscribers (10TB actually), I
> put my entire collection of songs on it. To my knowledge, the free Win8
> Xbox Music app is the only one capable of playing mp3 from OneDrive while
> downloading them, resulting in a cool, free and personal streaming
> experience. (Not to be confused with Xbox Cloud which is not free). When
> a file as been completely played, it becomes offline. Eventually, I can
> free hard disk space by setting the file (or whole folder) online-only
> again. The problem is when you play only part of the song. Since not all
> the song has been played, the file is still considered online, but in
> reality a big chunk of data is still there, eating space. For instance, a
> 120Mg song could be considered online-only, but 112Mg being there. It
> comes very fast to gigabytes if many files are concerned. The solve the
> issue, I have to put the file offline entirely, then offline-again.

You have funny songs measured in Mega grams, i.e. metric tons ;-), or is Mg the French for Mega Byte?

> The real problem is WHICH files are partially downloaded? With ZTree,
> there is no other way to my knowledge to check each file individually
> with Shift-F10 | Properties and let Windows Explorer dialog box shows two
> stats: File Size vs Size on disk. This is tedious.
ZTree's idea of size and "size on disk", will be local and not what you are hoping for.

> Listing all files with size + size on disk in a manageable way
> (especially for very large sets) would be terrific. Any idea ? I don't
> ZEP for it, although I believe OneDrive popularity increasing, ZTree will
> benefit eventually of such improved features like this, as well as
> filtering by offline status, putting files ctrl-offline/online them, and
> managing alternate streams internally.

If depends on how popular Onedrive becomes and how difficult the API is. Once Onedrive is supported other network systems will be requested. For Example FTP support in ZTree has been requested for years.

If the total size or a fully downloaded flag in available in the ADS data, then someone could write a ZAAP to tag files that are partially downloaded.

Another possibility is that Onedrive sets the extended attributes differently between fully and partially downloaded files, do a Alt-Info over a number of files in different states. If there is a difference, then you will be able to do a Alt-Tag, Attributes to tag the files in the state you are looking for.


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