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[Discuss] File size vs size on disk   [Discuss]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Jan 12,2015 at 14:57
In Response to: [Discuss] File size vs size on disk (Ben Kent)

> > 120Mg song could be considered online-only, but 112Mg being there. It
> You have funny songs measured in Mega grams, i.e. metric tons ;-), or
> is Mg the French for Mega Byte?

:) Mindless typo. MB, of course.
(for the record, in French it's Mo (Megaoctet)

> If depends on how popular Onedrive becomes and how difficult the API
> is. Once Onedrive is supported other network systems will be requested.
> For Example FTP support in ZTree has been requested for years.

Of course.

An external utility would be wonderful as well, if someone knows one.

> If the total size or a fully downloaded flag in available in the ADS
> data, then someone could write a ZAAP to tag files that are partially
> downloaded.

Actually, I have to rectify my previous statement as I just checked something on my device. ADS are there only when files are totally offline. When they are half-downloaded or online-only, there is no ADS. There is however a 4K cluster for every online-only files, from which, I presume Metadata is extracted to build catalog.

> Another possibility is that Onedrive sets the extended attributes
> differently between fully and partially downloaded files, do a Alt-Info
> over a number of files in different states. If there is a difference,
> then you will be able to do a Alt-Tag, Attributes to tag the files in the
> state you are looking for.

No difference in attributes, unfortunately.

Laurent Duchastel

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