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Floating point division by zero error   [Tip]

By: Andrew Watson     Perth, Western Australia  
Date: Feb 06,2015 at 08:13
In Response to: Floating point division by zero error (Andrew Watson)

It's actually hasn't got anything to do with Stay on Top. It happens with every PDF file, whether created by me or downloaded and text or graphics.

There was one file that didn't seem to give the error the first few times I pointed at it but it was a multi-hundred page file that took a while to load.

I closed ZP and restarted it and got "ZTreeWin Preview Assistant Application has stopped working." When I Cancel it comes back a second time. It happens every time I run ZP if ZTW is pointing at a PDF file.

I went to Task Manager and killed the Nitro process and ZP stopped crashing when ZTW pointed at a PDF file.

Andrew Watson

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