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Previewer - Looks like a bit of a minefield   [Tip]

By: Andreas Hagele     Auckland, NZ  
Date: Feb 08,2015 at 22:23
In Response to: Release v1.0.1 (Martijn Coppoolse)

> * More Windows Preview handlers are now detected and used.
> * The 'Image Info' window was renamed to File Info; it now also shows
> (very summary) information about files when not using FreeImage.
> * Improved handling of errors.

Not a lot of luck here yet.
The picture formats work, but nothing else.
Windows explorer previews all the MS formats (office etc) but ZPreview does not show any of them. The PreviewEditorHandler.exe tool shows all the MS ones but nothing else. PDF exchange is used as main pdf viewer but no preview in either explorer nor ZPreview.
This is on a Win 7, 32bit setup.
It would be nice to have a preview tools, but it looks like it needs some substantial tinkering to get that all going.

Keep up the good work.


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