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Release v1.0.2   [Tip]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Feb 16,2015 at 15:09
In Response to: [Tip] New ZAAP: ZPreview (Martijn Coppoolse)


Not all of your (usually excellent) suggestions have been implemented yet; this version was mostly about getting the Preview Handlers to work properly, and the internal restructuring to make that possible.

What's new:
* Rewrite of the internal structure, so all ‘preview engines’ can be enabled and disabled separately.
* Most Windows Preview Handlers now work correctly (on my machines).
* Added UI buttons to manually choose an engine (and renderer) to preview the current file with.
* Added button to open the current file’s properties window.
* Multiple WLX plugins can now be loaded (though they’re not automatically reloaded on startup, and they can’t be unloaded while the program runs).
* Both info windows are less translucent for better readability.
* Added status bar to show the current file’s icon, the currently selected renderer, and some basic info about the current file.
* The File Info window now always displays the current file’s attributes
* For reparse points (junctions, symbolic links, etc.) the target file name is also displayed
* Added the following preview engines:
  - Text (rich text, plain text)
  - Shell Item Images (thumbnail, file’s icon)
* The File Info window now has a context menu, allowing copying the entire list, or the selected values, to the clipboard.

(I’m posting this here to avoid spamming the main forum overmuch; but the next release will probably get its own thread).


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