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Release v1.0.2   [Tip]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Feb 19,2015 at 03:11
In Response to: Release v1.0.2 (Andrew Watson)

> What is Preview Engine, Manage supposed to do? It is greyed out for
> me.

It's greyed out for everyone (it would have been better to hide it altogether, I know). In future releases, it will pop up a window listing all available preview engines. That dialog will provide the possibility to enable or disable preview handlers, explicitly assign one or more file extension(s) to a specific preview handler, and change the preferred order of preview handlers.

> I would like an option that if there is no file extension association a
> plain text preview is shown.

I've already started on a hex viewer as preview handler. When given low priority (but higher than the 'file icon' handler), it will automatically be selected when all other handlers fail to preview a file. (The 'file icon' handler is currently the only one that is guaranteed to show something for any file or folder).

I guess a 'dump' view shouldn't be too difficult to add.

> I think that for very large files in ZTree, F7 Autoview Kim only reads
> a screen of information rather than trying to read the entire file.
> This would be a useful safety feature to prevent ZP "lockup".
> With a previous version of ZP I had to terminate it because it was
> taking forever to scan, I think, a 2GB .ISO file.

That would have been the first version; that just tried to display the file with whatever method it could.
In version 1.0.2, most preview handlers indicate whether they can handle the current file based on the file extension or, at most, a file signature at a specific location. They don't scan the entire file anymore.


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